HI, IM Anna

the one behind
creative direction

wedding & editorial photographer,
story-teller and mentor

Anna lives and breathes art. Photography is her outlet to inviting and bringing about a lasting beauty in this world.

Based in Barcelona Spain, Anna travels the globe to capture love and create unforgettable experiences with the couples. She is the co-founder and art director for the EPHEMERAL content retreat. 

Over the years, Anna built a network of talented wedding industry professionals, models and top-level brands. Her adventures, multicultural background, appreciation for the classics and a passion to always produce the highest quality, bring freshness and originality to all her work. She is director of a number of projects and mentor to many photographers. EPHEMERAL is a project where she will lead and provide a space for the talented professionals and photographers in creating timeless and, perhaps, their best work to date.

ephemeral will not last forever, but your beautiful work will.
we can't wait to
meet you there
in november.

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