You probably know the astronomical effort it takes to plan and execute a styled shoot? 

We understand just how much time, energy, financial resources go into each and every styled elopement, wedding, or editorial.

EPHEMERAL is a space where all your creative dreams come to life. 

The talented and self-driven team of wedding industry professionals behind this project are coming together to tailor unique wedding, elopement and editorial concepts and ideas to provide you as a photographer with the opportunity to achieve your vision

You are here because you deserve to grow.

at ephemeral we promote love,

what to expect

at ephemeral

Artistry and growth.


simultaneous setups.

Our goal is that your experience is top level in creativity efficiency and productivity. 

There will be two simultaneous setups for our 8 shoots, featuring different backdrops, concepts, models and styles. You will be split into 2 smaller groups and will take turns to shoot each setup as you please. Each person will also have time to personally direct the couples and models. 

Our main goal is that you go home with a COMPLETE BRAND-NEW PORTFOLIO. 

9 shoots in 3 days - the challenge is real and we know it's worth it!

Here are some of the brands we've worked with in the past editions:
Rue de Seine, Murashka, Kaviar Gauche, L'eto, Annika Maria, etc.

For this edition, we've again partnered with some of the TOP-NOTCH wedding brands that are truly unique. We are not disclosing the names yet, but you can expect it to be Epic. 

Modern, minimalistic, flowy and airy wedding attires from natural materials is what makes our hearts beat faster.